Power BI Business Dashboards for your Microsoft Dynamics Solution

As a Microsoft Dynamics partner, you benefit from expanding your offering with our Power BI business dashboards. By embedding the standardised and multilingual dashboards in Dynamics, you can offer a convincing complete solution. Furthermore, you can illustrate the possibilities of your solution to your customers in a particularly impressive way.

Explain customer benefits clearly

Our Power BI business dashboards allow you to clearly explain the functions of your Dynamics solution and thus significantly support your sales. Our suite is customisable and our experienced business professionals and Power BI layout specialists will be happy to support you, allowing you to focus on your expertise. On request, we can provide you with demo data so that you can present your solution on plausible data using our dashboards. In addition, a comprehensive package of marketing and sales measures significantly supports your sales.

Automatically win sales partners

As a partner of datenkultur, you may offer your customer our entire dashboard suite and not only your individualised dashboard. In this way, you expand your offer to include both our dashboards and the solutions of our other partners and thus generate additional sales for yourself. And an additional benefit: the cross-selling is not one-sided. Whenever a customer wants to buy a dashboard that builds on your solution, it is automatically sold along with it. This creates an enormous cross-selling potential and at the same time you clearly stand out from your competitors.

Enable customisation

End users and our partners can customise our Power BI business dashboards. Our dashboards are white-labelled, so the layout, design and logo can be customised. However, you can also go further and enrich the dashboards with additional data. Depending on the needs, the customer can work with our professional standard or develop it further according to their own wishes and thus ultimately achieve self-service BI.
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Ensure support-free operation

Our dashboards are very easy and quick to deploy, so you don’t need to build up extensive expertise. But much more important than rapid deployment is that you don’t have to worry about ongoing operation either. Our dashboards are continuously developed in terms of technology and content. In addition to new functions offered by Power BI, content enhancements are also added at regular intervals. The dashboards are thus always up to date without you having to worry about it.

Develop quickly and inexpensively

Many years of experience with reporting and Microsoft Power BI and a standardised procedure make it possible for us to develop new dashboards quickly and inexpensively. We achieve rapid completion primarily through our comprehensive BI expertise. This means that we do not start new solutions from scratch, but build on our existing data standards. You also benefit from the fact that we have years of experience in the Microsoft ERP area and are therefore very familiar with these structures.
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More information about the Power BI Business Dashboards

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